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Lets Tour Europe

We are very excited to announce that we are OPEN & LIVE ready to make all of you Europe holiday dreams a reality.  From Coach Tours to River Cruises, we are here to help guide you in the right direction, and book you onto the trip of a lifetime.

We have been planning this day for a few years now, thinking of the right type of company we want to be… do we want to offer every Tour and River cruise around the world… NO… or should we focus on what we know best… EUROPE!

So with that, Lets Tour Europe was born, offering only trusted Coach Tours and River Cruises.  We want to sell only companies that have excellent reviews, amazing track records, and some of the best guides in the business.

With our weekly blog, we want to highlight the sights, flavours and everything that Europe has to offer… also lets have some fun and laughs along the way.

Myself as owner of Lets Tour Europe, am still a Travel Director in Europe and Western Canada for the past 18 years.  I must admit, I am pretty lucky to have parents that were born and married in Scotland, then immigrated to Canada, which meant that almost every year of my childhood my folks would pack (not literally put me and my brother into a suitcase) the family up, and fly across the Atlantic to visit all of the family.

These times we magical, venturing 8 hours on a plane, arriving in Glasgow, to people who spoke with an accent 10X thicker then my parents, and upon arrival my favourite drink as a kid IRN Bru awaited (probably not great for my folks as it would put me on a sugar high for hours).  With stops to see all of the family for half of our vacation, there would always be a few weeks each trip that my Dad would take us around the UK, to explore the coast, castles, whisky distilleries (hmmmm maybe that’s why I love Single Malts) and the open road. I think it was with this, that a life in travel was now fully ingrained in me.

In 1999, I booked a 25 day Europe tour, checking off all of the highlights across the continent… and from everything I have heard and read about before I went… it was everything I could have ever wanted from tour/trip/vacation.  There was 44 of us on board, with 34 Australians, 6 Kiwi’s, 2 Americans, 1 Mexican and me… the only Canadian. After the trip of a lifetime, it is sometimes hard to truly put into worlds an experience that would forever change my career path, where I made the best of friends, seen places I only dreamed about and after it all, knew that coming back was something that I needed in my life.  Where else could I drink some of the best coffee (my go to is cafe macciato), eat my favourite chocolate & banana gelato, gorge on Florentine steak, stand a street stall in Vienna and have the ultimate sausage (Kasekrainer… cheese sausage), sip on the worlds best beer in the Czech Republic, or have an Ouzo while watching the most beautiful sunset from the cliffs in Santorini.

So I guess what I am trying to get at if you are still with me, reading this opening blog to this new venture.  Check out my website www.letstoureurope.com where you will find all things Europe when it comes to Coach Tours and River Cruises.

I hope to talk or chat soon, and look forward getting you on a trip over to Europe where all of your dreams can become reality.


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