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Wales maybe be small to England, but looking to the green hills of Snowdonia, bustling cities, dramatic coastline, medieval castles, seaside villages, unique language and the ever symbol of the red dragon you will find a people and country very unique and distinct.

Cardiff the capital, a once mighty coal capital of the British empire, is filled with a mix of ancient and ultra modern architecture.  Cardiff castle, as a centrepiece began as a Roman fortress, then Norman castle… but what you see today is one of the most mgnificent castles in Europe.  The Marquis of Bute (coal barons), took their wealth into building Cardiff, but also transformed this castle into a faux-medieval masterpiece.  At the water from, the new Millennium Centre home to Welsh literature is a great place to see a show, or the Norwegian church built in 1868.

Castles dot the landscape throughout Wales, which bares its history for all to see.  Conwy, Caernarfon & Beaumaris are some of the finest medieval castles anywhere in Europe, constructed after Edward I defeated the Welsh, and began constructing these castles in the late 13th century.

Snowdonia National Park, home to mount Snowden… Wales highest peak at 3560ft, is home to some of the UK’s best hiking trails, and picture perfect villages to explore.

The Welsh are a people very proud of who they are, their language some say dates back thousands of year, and its through song and literature where you find the true heart of they are.

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