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Despite being one of the largest countries in Europe, most don’t know how amazing and beautiful the Ukraine really is.  Unfortunately in the news more recently because of the Crimea, and Russia, the country does stand out as a unique culture that is truly there own.  There has always been a misconception of the Ukraine, as most people are unfriendly, hard to talk to and never smile… its really not true, break the ice with a few Ukrainian words, and all will be revealed.

Sitting on the Dnieper river, Kiev the capital was founded in the 8th century, is a great mix of splendid architecture a mix of baroque and Renaissance. Make sure to go see the 11th century Pechersk Lavra monastery, which is a pilgrimage site comprising of several gold domed churches or St. Sophias Cathedral, founded in the 11th century.

The Carpathian Mountains lie to the west, bordering Hungary, Poland and Romania, and the flat plains of the centre and east are filled with sunflowers in the summer.  To the south, the Black Sea coast is a great place to hit the beach.

The cities of Odessa and Lviv are full of energy, and are great places to explore, with an excellent mix of renaissance architecture, museums and cafe culture.

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