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A country so vast, it is hard to describe sometimes in just a few words, as Turkey is a place of amazing people, landscape and cultures.  Filled with open plains, rolling hills, mountains, fertile valleys and stunning coastline with beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters.

The capital Ankara, may not be on every list of destinations to see while in Turkey, its location in central Anatolia make it a great place to spend a few days exploring.  It’s a great contrast to Istanbul, the larger of the 2 cities, and interesting to see the differences of the people. Make sure to see the Ankara castle, with is vast panorama of the city and countryside beyond.

Istanbul, for most is the beating heart of the country.  A city with a history that spans 3000 years, sitting on the edge of Europe and Asia along the Bosphorus linking the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.  A city with Roman aqueducts, Byzantine churches, grand Ottoman mosques like the Blue Mosque and the Haggia Sophia along with the bazaars, amazing cafes, baths and nightlife making this city a great hive of activity day and night.

Turkey has an abundance of ancient historic sites spread across the country.  Along the Mediterranean coastline you can see the Greco-Roman cities of Pergamom and Ephesus or head to the Cappadocia region and the harbour cave churches and underground cities.

If the sun and a bit of relaxation is what you are looking for, head to the coast beach rests of Izmir, Bodrum and Marmaris or take a Gulet (traditional wooden Turkich yacht) for a few days of cruising the Mediterranean.

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