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Top 5 Reasons why you should take a Europe Tour

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If you are thinking of travelling to Europe, maybe a tour should be something to ponder. The days of no free time, bad food and uncomfortable coaches are over. With so many companies, itineraries and budgets to pick from… you are sure to jump on a great trip.


There is no need to stress out about renting a car, watching your GPS or getting lost in the middle of a city. You get to sit back and enjoy all of the scenery, like the Tuscan Hills, the Swiss Alps or Paris street life.

couple Switzerland Alp mountains
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


When it comes to your “chariot” aka coach, these pieces of machinery are not some cheap bus, more like $500,000 investments. There is wifi on board, a bathroom for those emergencies along the way, comfortable reclining seats and lots of legroom if you go luxury. The days of riding on a school bus are in the past, these coaches are great, and the windows on board are huge… with great views all the time.


As tours have evolved over the years, so has the pace and distance travelled each day to. Don’t get me wrong, there are some itineraries that pack in a lot into a short period of time, but there are also more relaxing itineraries too. If you want some later starts, and more time in one place, look for trips that spend more then 1 day in each city. Tour operators try to make sure each day, there will be “Free Time” for you to explore on your own.

couple florence italy
Watching the world go by in Florence


As a Travel Director myself, I think this is one of the best things about taking a tour of Europe. To have someone there to help guide you along the way. From great commentary about culture and history, to giving you an amazing recommendation for lunch… they are there for you. These Guides/Travel Directors or whomever we want to call them, they are some of the best in the business, and love what they do.


When it comes to putting your hard earned cash down towards booking a tour, you are probably wandering a few things. Is it really good value for money, or is it cheaper to do it on my own. Well lets just say the Tour Companies have been doing this for quite some time now, and their buying power is pretty strong. So for you and me, it usually relates to some pretty good value. The best way to see the value, is to break the price down PER DAY. Say a 10 tour is $4000, so your PER DAY is $400… and that usually includes your hotel, breakfast, some dinners, sightseeing, transportation, guide and driver. Now if you were to try and cost it out by doing it on your own, for the same it usually comes out more expensive.

So after all of that, if you are not convinced you to jump about a tour that is ok, it isn’t for everyone. There are so many way to travel across Europe, touring is just one of them. If you find yourself thinking… hey a Tour may just be for me. Well maybe, just maybe I will see you on the road somewhere.

Happy Days and Happy Travels


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