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Sweden is an amazing array of contrasts, from the high mountains and dense pine forests, to the beautiful beaches of the south, in the cities you find a history, tradition and culture that at times is the envy of others.  It is the largest for he Scandinavian countries, bordering Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Stockholm the capital is a city of 14 islands, great medieval charm, amazing culture, art, history, cafe culture and vibrant buzz.  A walkers paradise any time of year, join in a “Fika” and watch the world go by, or go and explore the Vasa Museum and its 17th century warship.  For a panorama of this fascinating city, head up the tower in the city hall, and Stockholm unfolds as far as the eye can see.

Out in the natural beauty of Sweden you find thick dense forests, thousands of lakes and islands all waiting to be explored.  To the north, the Skanderna Mountains are a great place to hike in the summer, or the UNESCO Laponia region where stunning waterfalls and spring peaks are a true gem, maybe venturing further north the Arctic tundra and chances to see the northern lights.

As one of the greenest countries in the world, the Swedes are proud of their great outdoors, and really embrace all seasons and geography of their country.  Everyone in the country has the right to explore everywhere, as long as you don’t disturb or destroy nature, or infringe on the pricey of others.

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