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Set amongst some of the heavyweight countries of Europe, Slovenia is sure to reward all those who visit.  A country with beautiful valleys, glacial lakes and stunning snow capped mountains that makes it a destination not to be passed up.

Sitting so close to Austria, Hungary, Italy and Croatia;  Slovenia has deffinately been influenced by its neighbours.  Amazing baroque architecture, hilltop castles, and rustic old villages dot the countryside.

Ljubljana, the capital has a young vibe, With its acedemics and students abound.  Sitting along the Ljubljana. River, the city is a great mix of architecture, laid back cafes, great independent shops and great restaurants.

Lake Bled, lying only 35 km from the capital is deffinately not to be missed.  Lying in the Julian Alps, the lake surrounds Bled Island, with is most famous site the pilgrimige church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary, built in the end of the 17th century.  Take a wooden boat called a pletna to the island, and wander at this truely magical setting.

The outdoors is deffinately where Slovenia shows off its gems, from the Adratic coastal towns to the vineyards of Jeruzalem-Ormoz.

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