Portugal Europe Porto Old Town


A country varied with its unique blend of cities and old villages, where pristine beaches, rolling countryside and numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites make Portugal one of Europe’s great places to visit.

Lisbon the capital and Porto are two amazing cities to explore…where trams make there way up and down the hilly streets, through beautiful plazas, past quaint cafes, enchanting restaurants and beautiful architecture.  A must while in Lisbon is to try a custard tart from ‘Pastieis de Belem’, founded in 1837 where the recipe came from the Monastery monks next door… and sell 20-30,000 per day.

Outside of the big 2 cities, Sintra is home to the beautiful National Palace, which is like a Moorish castle.  The cities of Braga, Evora, Coimbra and Guimaraes have some amazing medieval architecture, and offer a different slice of Portugese life.  You can get well off the beaten track in the mountains, where you find stone villages, ancient vineyards or head south to the beautiful beaches of the Algarve.

Maderia and Berlenga islands are a unique experience,  or further into the Atlantic the Azores beckon, as some believe the lost city of Atlantis may be close by.

A cruise on the Douro river, is a relaxing way to take in this breathtaking part of Portugal, as vineyards pass by, and the chance to try their famous Port wine is everywhere.

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