Poland Europe Krakow Old Town


Poland offers a great amount to all who visit, with stunning old towns in Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw and Warsaw to the stunning natural beauty of it countryside.

Poland’s capital Warsaw, home to the famous ghetto during WWII, was a most completely destroyed during the war, has been transformed and looking better then ever.  With architecture that blends the Soviet past, with contemporary styles and a beautiful rebuilt old town.

One of the country’s biggest attraction is the city of Krakow, once Polands royal capital it has stunning architecture that somehow survived during the war, as the Nazis thought it was to beautiful to destroy.  Filled with monasteries, churches in Gothic and Renaissance style, the city became a UNESCO World Heritage sit-in 1978.  Another thought provoking site less then an hour away is Auschwitz, one of the infamous Nazi concentration camps.

Poland’s heritage is rich, which has given the world many talented people is evident all around.  Lodz with its famous film school is where Roman Polanski graduated, Torun home to Nicholas Copernicus, and Warsaw who gave us Frederick Chopin and Marie Curie.

Polish cuisine is heary and filling, with lots of meat and game on the menus, all washed down with some of the best Vodka in the world.  There are also nice think soups, peirogies and cabbage rolls.

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