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Norway is a natural beauty that is hard to overstate, with stunning fjords, glacier capped mountains, and a Arctic north where the sun doesn’t set in summer, and Northern Lights can dance above you like a dream.

Oslo the capital, is a great blend of old and new, from a 13th century fortress to some of the most stunning modern architecture you can find anywhere… especially the Opera house, that some locals call the iceberg.  Its culinary scene is world renowned, especially if you are a fan of New Nordic cuisine, that takes local ingredients to a whole other level.

Bergen, Norways 2nd largest city, has the quintessential old port, that was a big player back in the 14th century, which is also the gateway to the fjords.  The UNESCO listed waterfront is filled with colourful wooden warehouses that line the harbour.

The true charm of Norwary does come from its outdoors… in the far flung north, glaciers cover the sub polar peninsula of Svalbard.  This is a place where oyu can see polar bears and is also a great place to ski and check out the Northern Lights.

Any trip to Norway would almost by incomplete without a voyage to Geirangerfjord… one of the worlds most beautiful locations.  Take a ferry along the fjord, where cliffs topped with pinesand waterfalls cascading down like they are dancing, make this feel like you have come to paradise.

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