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With all the multi-million dollar yachts in the harbour, fancy cars parked in front of the Monte Carlo casino or the Royla family hanging out around town… this place just oozes the “high life”.  Celebreties, athletes and the very wealthy live here to share in a zero income tax rate, where you must live 6 months and 1 day to be considered a resident.

At only 500 acres, making it the 2nd smallest country in the world behind Vatican City, it still has alot to offer.  With a great cafe culture, restaurants, history and beaches it is deffinately a great place to check out.  It also hosts the Monaco Grand Prix in May, Monte-Carlo Masters tennis in April right before the French Open.

In Monaco there are some very fancy hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and casinos… and these casinos have alot to due with the the current economy of today.  In the 1850’s the head of state built a casino to provide him with income, without having to increase the taxes on his citizens.  It was barely busy at all for the first while, then the railway connecting Monaco to the rest of Europe, and with that the money was flowing, so taxes were abolshied all together.

What makes it so attractive today, over 300 days a year of sunshine, a 25 train ride to Nice, and the beatiful walking routes along the coastal bays.

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