Moldova Europe Church


An often overlooked destination, not yet hit by the throngs of tourists coming on low-cost airlines, Moldova is filled with beautiful mosteries, natural beauty with ancient forests and a relatively unkown wine region.

It is still ranked as one of the poorest countries in Europe, but you will find the locals overly friendly and welcoming.  The capital Chisinau, has alot going for it, with a great cafe scene, beautiful cathedrals, monument and museums.  Make sure to check out Pushkins house, living here while in exile, he was the Russian Romantic poet and writer… known as the father of Russian literature.

It is a country where you can still seem to find ‘old world’ Europe at times, in between the Ukraine and Romania, there are great little villages to explore and unspolied natural beauty that only a few thousand people a year come to see.

If you are a wine lover, Moldova’s emerging wine industry is unique with hidden gems to taste, especially before the rest of Europe and the world catch on.

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