Macedonia Europe Monastery


Formerly known as “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, Macedonia has come into its own, although underrated and relatively unexplored by foreign tourists… the secret is slowly getting out to how beautiful it is here.  A mountainous country in the heart of the Balkans, filled with picturesque villages, great natural beauty, and an up and coming wine industry.

Skopje the capital is a somewhat work in progress.  It is a miss mash of the old and new, where in 2014 there was a very ambitious government scheme to reserect the capital.  There is Ottoman and Byzantine buildings, looking back to the pre-Communist days… but its the charm and vibe of the people especially in cafes where you find a relaxing people watching atmosphere.

Out in the countryside you find the true heart of the country and its people… with relaxing lakes and towns such as Ohrid.  Head out to sample some of the regions little known wine region, which is slowly making a name for itself.

Head up north near the Kosovo border to the Sar Planina mountain range, where the tranquild surroundings, lakes and peaks offer great treks in Pelister National Park.  During the winter, the area is coverd in snow, which makes it a unique and affordable ski destination.

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