Luxembourg City Europe Capital


As one of the richest nations in Europe, Luxembourg is one of the founding member of the EU.  Although small, it offers stunning natural beauty with rolling hills, beautiful valleys and the picture perfect rural setting.

The capital, Luxembourg City is where you are goinng to find most of the main actions… with its old town, cobbled streets, beautiful imposing churches, hilltop castle all alongside modern high-tech buildings.

Outside the capital, the most popular place to check out is midieval village of Vianden.  It’s quaint old streets, 13th century church with stunnng cloisters and hipptop castle make it a perfect stop… especially if thhere is a festival going on.

Founded in the 7th century, Echternach is the country’s oldest city.  A picturesque old town and abbey all lead to its charm… it is a perfect base for those who love exporing mother nature and the outdoors.  It is ‘little Switzerland’, perfect terrain, forrests, mountains and trails for hikers and bikers.

In the south, near the German border on the Mosselle, the valley has a unique microclimate which has made it one of the smallest wine-growing districts.  Although small, it produces award-winning white and sparkilng wines.  To the north, the area is dominated by the Ardennes, filled with medieval castles, high plateau and dense forests to explore.

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