Lithuania Europe Trakai Castle Island


With a country filled with castles, lakes and dense forests, Lithuania and its capital Vilnius is becoming a destination to add to your travel checklist.

Vilnius, is one of Europe’s hiddem gems, with a fairytale like oldtown and Baroque architecture.  Looking up you can see the steeples of the of the countless Orthodox and Catholic churches, or wander the cute cobbled strrets lined with cafes.

Lithuania’s independence came not long after the fall of the Iron Curtain and Soviet Union in 1991, and only 4 years later became a full market economy… Joining the EU in 2004.  A Russian connection still remains, as they are the 2nd largest minority in the country.

One of the best attractions of Lithuania, is its abundance of natural beauty… with several national parks, with dense forests and beautiful lakes which are perfect for hikers and bikers to explore.

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