Liechtenstein Europe Pricipality Mountains


The tiny country of Liechtenstein sits in the heart of Europe, where it seems to be a place just to pass through from Austria to Switzerland… but it does offer the amazing Alps to explore, medieval castles and a people who have an exuberant independent flair.

Most of the historical sites you will find are in the capital Vaduz, with only 5000 inhabitants, it has a great National Museum,Museum of Fine Arts and  FIS Ski & Winter Sports Museum.  All of this is watched over by Vaduz Castle, whish is still the official residence of the Price of Liechtenstein.

Head out to Liechtenstein’s 2nd city Schaan, which actually has a larger population then the capital.  With some Roman ruins, and fine church.  If you venture off the beaten path to some small villages, you are rewarded with almost not tourists at all.

Liechtenstein has such an impressive landscape, maybe one of the best in Europe as a whole, with most of the mountain peaks soaring above 6500ft, making it a great place to ski, hike and bike.

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