Latvia Europe Riga Old Town Square


Known officialy as the Republic of Latvia, this small country was behind the Iron Curtain up until the early 1990’s.  With all of that a distant past, it has become one of the most visited countries in the Baltics, with its beautful countryside, rich culture and picturesque capital Riga.

Riga was named the European capital of 2014, and exploring you find an amazing mix of art nouveau buildings, and the amazing UNESCO World Heritage downtown… filled with medieval churches, renaissance buidings and a spectacular market.  The Old Town is dominated by Riga Cathedral… the largest medieval church in the Baltics.

Outside the capital has seen little foreign tourism for the moment, but there are great sites to take in.  From Rundale Palace, the newly renovated Turaida Stone Castle and the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air-Museum.

Latvia is abound with natural beauty, like the Gulf of Riga and stunning Baltic Sea Coastline with endless beaches.  Venturing inland, there are nature reserves, and Gauja National Park which is great for hiking, biking, watersports and some fantastic bird watching.

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