Kosovo Europe Bridge


Since declaring independence from Serbia in 2008, Kosovo has only received partial recognition as a sovereign state by the UN.  With a fragile hold on independence at the moment, and a recent history of turmoil and war back in the 1990’s… it may take a while before it becomes a true tourist destination.

Filled with a great mix of cultures and religions, and through periods of instability, this small landlocked country has seemed to have a peaceful coexistance to all cultures.  The Muslim Albanians dominate the population, followed by Othodox Christian Serbs and a whole bunch of other unique religions and cultures make up Kosovo today.

Pristina, Europe’s youngest capital, is a city filled with a great cafe culture, beautiful cobbled streets, ancient walls, Ottoman mosques and Orthodox churches make it a cute riverside city.

With the picturesque mountains an unkown to tourists, an adventureous traveller can find hiking a blast with little to no people around.  Combine everything with very cheap prices… you can kind of see why tourist numbers are rising.

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