Kazakhstan Europe Mountains


Kazakhstan is one of those countries that seems to be little know to most, filled with vast plains, mountains and a unique culture.  Bordering Russia in Central Asia, this country is massive, as it ranks as the 9th largest coountry in the world.  Its economy has been doing far better then its close neighbours, due to its oil reserves and natural gas… which is leading to modern architecture, better quality hotels, restaurants and better travel options.

In the south, Kazakhstan’s Central Asian history has many monuments to see, and is a diverse region with snow-capped peaks , beautiful lakes and many glaciers of the Singing Barkhan- a sand dune 3.2km long.

The former capital Almaty is situated beautifully between the mountains and the plains, and still has the largest population in the country.  Filled with modern architecture, parks, fountains, amazing mountain views and some great cafes.  Astana the new capital, has become a modern metropolis, with some very futuristic buildings.

Most who travel here will be drawn to the beautiful natural wonders, from hiking in the mountains to down in the valleys of Tian Shan.  Its vastness is astounding, but there is plenty of wildlife to been seen… just keep a look out for it.

If you are looking for something more off the beaten path, Kazakhstan may the place for you.

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