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Italy is one of those places in life that everyone says you have to go, or why haven’t you been to Italy yet… are they wrong… No, it is a country that epitomizes “La Dolce Vita” (the sweet life).  Few places really do history, art, fashion, food so effortlessly, that make you wonder… how do they do it.  It is a mix of sunny isles, glacial lakes, rolling vineyards and urban cityscapes which house more UNESCO World Heritage S=sites than any other country.  After you go once, and have thrown 3 coins in the Trevi Fountain, the spell has been cast… you will deffinately return.

Cities like the great capital Rome or Renaissance city of Florence or the floating dreamy city of Venice and fashion capital of Milan, it’s hard not see why they draw us all in.  Look at the Romans conquering most of the known world 2000 years ago, the Venetians sending out Marco Polo to far off lands on the map, and Giotto, Leonardo, Bruelleschi and Michelangelo began the Renaissance.

Like art, wine is appreciated across the country and around the world from many different regions… like the rolling hills of Tuscany home to Chianti and Motepulciano.  It all somehow comes together to pair perfectly with some of the best pasta you have ever had in your life.

Head north into the Dolomites to hike and ski, cycle the hills of wine country, or just east of Florence and explore the 5 coastal towns of the Cinque Terre… where pesto was invented, or maybe stop in to see a tower in Pisa that always seems to be leaning.

Always remember to make time to relax and take it all in, and know you will come back again one day to gorge not just on gelato, but the feast of life that Italy gives you.

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