Iceland Europe Waterfall


Just a tiny dot sitting the the north of the Atlantic between Scandinavia and Norht America, Iceland has come from a destination few travelled, to one of the hottest destinations in the world.  The financial crisis made the country think of other option to stimulate their economy, so a partnership with Icelandair and tourist board really put Iceland on the world stage.  With “the land of fire and ice”, it’s a place thats amazing to travel any time of the year.

Yes there is really living volcanoes here, bubbling just below the surface, heating the island with geo-thermal power, heating water and all those swimming pools.  You can see bubbling fumaroles, live lava flows and the most reliable geyser at Geysir, which goes off every 4-8 minutes.  Thermal springs are everywhere, most famously the Blue Lagoon (book well in advance)… which is a truely unique experience, an open-air swimming pool surrounded by black lava flows.

With a name like Iceland… there is problby a bit of ice to be seen, and you would be right.  Glaciers come off the mountains towards the coast, calving icebergs float in stunning lagoons.  Check it out on snowshoes, Icelandic Ponies or snowmobile.

The Icelandic are truely remarkable, fun, creative and fiercely independent people.  As endless summer nights and long dark winters deffinately mold the people in an amazing way.

Reykjavik, the capital feels more like a small town, with a mix of cute homes, some of the best modern architecture around and great New Nordic restaurants.

Honestly an all year round destination… take in those long summer days but also come for the wintery nights where the Northern Lights dance above, and you are in awe of mother natures true beauty.

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