Georgia Europe


Once the holiday haunt of the elite of the Soviet Union, Georgia is usually overlooked, but is a truely rewarding and unique country.

Sitting at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, Russia and the Middle East, meant its inlfuences come from all four.  From the monastries perched in the mountains to its valley vineyards, and Turkish style food to a welcoming spirit to guests, Georgia is a great peice of the Caucasus.

Tiblisi the capital, strung along the Mktvari river, is a great mix of old and new world charm.  Historic churches, traditional bath houses are now side by side with a new vibrant skyline, all crowned by the statue of “Mother Georgia”, holding a sword in one hand to ward off its enemies, and a goblet of wine in the other to welcome you.

Georgia claims to be the birthplace of wine, which they say viticulture has been going on here for over 6000 years… so needless to say they have some amazing wine to be sampled.

Around the counry, the beautiful remote uplands of  Svaneti and the Black Sea beaches of Batumi offer the traveller a great mix of experiences.  Try some horse trekking trails in Tusheti, and check out the 2nd city of Georgia, Kutaisi with its unique history.

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