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With the more famous Nordic countries all around, Finland is always an amazing surprise for those who explore.  With 179,000 islands and more trees then people by a long shot… its miles of empty wilderness make the Finns truly unique and in tune with mother nature.  Where locals go from work, to foraging for wild ingredients then soak in a sauna all in a few hours… its a place where one finds a country with some many surprises.

Finnish culture is rooted in its history, which was a tug-of-war with Sweden and Russia… but what really throws people for a loop is the language, which is related to Hungarian.

Helsinki the capital is people friendly and small, filled with historic churches and beautiful squares.  Down by the stone wharf, check out the market traders and ferries.

Finland has 40 national parks, which is great for nature lovers, spotting birds, reindeer, moose and bears.  Around 10% of Finland is covered by water and about 75% by forests, so trekking in nature by foot, bike, snowshoe, ski or dog-sled is amazing,,, and it gives the Finns some real Sisu (hardiness).

Up in the north, Lapland, the Sami people have been herding reindeer for thousands of years… and is also home to Santa and his village.  If your looking for views of the Northern Lights, then you have come to the right place, where the night skies can dance for hours.

One fo Finland’s gifts to the world is the sauna… with over 2 million… there are more of them then cars in the country.  For a true Finnish experience, make sure to dip into a freezing lake between being in the sauna… it will surely re-invigorate you.

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