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As the shackles of the former Soviet Union have come off, Estonia has become one of the European Unions rising stars, and has transformed to become a unique destination the world is catching with its many charms.

As the smallest of the 3 Baltic states, Estonia has some stunning forests, unique wetlands and remote islands… which are a true contrast to the gothic and medieval capital Tallinn.

In Tallinn, the historic streets are dotted with stunning churches, buildings and great cafes along with a cuisine that showcases its Baltic and Nordic past.  Over the past few years, it has become a great weekend away for Europeans, as the prices here tend to be a little cheaper.

If you are a bit more adventurous, get away form the city and explore the lakes and forests of rural Estonia.  With more then 1000 lakes to choose from, and bogs and swampland cover about 1/5 of the country.

Estonia’s history, like its neighbours has always been devoted to trying to retain their independence from more powerful neighbours, ie Russia.  Annexed by Stalin in 1944, Estonia held strongly to its heritage, retain its language and culture far more then others in the USSR… which is alive and well today for the world to see.

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