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Belgium is one of those countries where you may have some preconceived thoughts, like it may be something I should see later, it doesn’t offer too much or maybe a little boring… well you would be very wrong.  With hundreds of differnt types of beer, some of the best chocolate in the world almost at every other shop, waffles and not to mention the mussels from Brussels I think You may have to reconsider, and put Belium on a to-do list.

Amazing medieval cities like Brussels, Bruges, Atwerp and Ghent host outstanding architecture, and a history from the battle of Waterloo to WWI battlefields.

Belgium is diveded into 3 regions… Flanders in the north (Dutch speaking), Wallonia in the south (French speaking), and the capital region Brussels (which is a draw).

Flanders is laced with great museums and medieval architecture, with a countryside a quaint villages and miles and miles of cycling paths.  Wallonia is more laid back, with old school charm and folklore.

Bruseels is a great blend of the old and new, from Art Nouveau to the modern glass of the EU headquarters, to art galleries to some of the finest restaurants you can find.

So come find Tin Tin and the Smurfs, sip a little beer, because you surely wont be disappointed discovering everything Belgium has to offer.

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