Belarus Europe Castle


Belarus is a slightly misunderstood county, that over the past hasn’t been seen by westrn media in any real light.  So those who visit, are rewarded with a rich destination in history, culture filled with genuine warm people who are coming out of the shadows of their past.

Some say one of it’s greatest attributes is its isolation… where you can still see what life was like during communism.  With a great collection of Soviet era icons and buildings, especially in the big cities, its is easy to put yourself back in such a unique time in history.

The capital Minsk, is clean and filled with neoclassical Stallinist architecture, with a 21st century vibe combined with a great sense of national pride.

Outside the big cities, you will find yourself in the wide plains, pitcuresque villages, ancient castles, unique churches and large dense forests.  The national parks protect some of Europe’s oldest woodlands, and some of Europe’s largest marshlands.

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