Azerbaijan Europe City


If you were thinking “east meets west” you would be kinda right.  Azerbaijan has a nice mix of furtureistic architecture, with traditional flair, and some amazing Caucasia along the journey.

On the crossroads of Europe and Asia, this former Soviet republic has a great aray of natural beauty, from snow capped mountain peaks to bubbling mud volcanoes to desserts and sub tropical forests.

The north is one of the prettiest regions, with the Caucasus Mountains, rising almost 15,oooft.  They are home to bears, leopards, wolves and many shepherds, who take their floks up and down the mountains, looking for fresh pastures.

In the capital Baku, their is a mix of shops, modern architecture and luxury hotels… spoils of the rich Caspian sea oil.  The oil has transformed the contry and their economy in recent times.

Azerbaijan’s history with camel caravans passing through on the Silk Road, sitting on the shores of the Caspian Sea, has led it into the hands of Persian, Turkishand Russian empires.

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