Albania Europe Port Beach


With some picturesque beaches, warm weather, deep history and great prices; It kinda sounds like it checks off a lot of the boxes you may have for Europe.  Albania over the past 25 years, has emerged from its communist past, and now open for travellers to come and explore.

Tirana, the capital is filled with communist-era buildings that have been fixed up with a new splash of paint, and have a great mix of Ottoman and Italian architecture.  It may seem a little disorderly, but seems to add to all the buzz.

The Adriatic coastline, known as the “Albanian Riviera” is one of the countries great assets, and more and more people are now coming to see this hidden gem.  There is nothing better then getting to the beach to find it filled with locals, basking in their hidden gem.  There is some great ancient Greek and Ottoman sites along with communist history that you can check out in some nearby towns.

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