Lets Tour Europe is founded on a passion for all things Europe.

We are travellers like you, booking Tours and Cruises of a lifetime to everyone at the best price.

We’re the most knowledgeable in the industry… With over 18 years as Travel Directors in Europe and Travel Agents.


Lets Tour Europe Founder

Dave Neil

Dave Neil

Dave is a Canadian born to Scottish parents, who travelled almost yearly to the UK and Europe on family vacations growing up.  With that, the “Travel bug” was instilled in him… leading to a career in travel across Europe.  In 2001 his career as a Tour Manager began, leading tours across Europe taking his guests on trips of a lifetime… which continues to this day.  Over the years he has designed tours, trained other Travel Directors and has spoken at promotional events for top Tour Operators.  He believes that life is enriched through travel, and Europe is that place where culture, history, food and drink weave together and give memories that has made him want to show it off to the world.

Our Vision

We want to connect people to Europe with everlasting memories of their travels.

Our Mission

To be the destination for all things Europe when it comes to booking Tours and Cruises… AT THE GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE!