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5 Reasons to take a European River Cruise

With so many options on the market today to explore and see Europe, the thought of a River Cruise may not have crossed your mind… and if it did, you might have the wrong idea of what they really are and what it may offer you… in a good way.

It is actually a great way to travel, especially if it’s your first time coming over to explore Europe, and don’t think that a coach tour, taking to the rails or driving appeals to you.

There are so many different River Cruise companies to choose from, all offering similar yet different things… from styles of itineraries, cabins, inclusions and even cruises geared towards a younger or more active crowd (U by Uniword).  Most people also think cruises are for couples and groups of friends, but the market is now realizing that Solo travelers want to experience River Cruise to, and some even have dates that don’t charge a higher fee for a single cabin. 

I always recommend looking at each brochure, finding where you may want to travel to, how many days you are looking at travelling , talk to an agent… ie. us (Lets Tour Europe) and then book your Cruise of a lifetime.  

Rhine River Cruise Germany
Relax on board as the Rhine castles and towns pass by.

1.You don’t have to Unpack & Pack your bags

Once you arrive on the ship, your bags will be taken to the cabin, you just unpack and make yourself at home for the duration of your journey.  One of the great things, is you get to watch Europe come to you, cruising down the river, watching castles and vineyards pass by all from your own cabin if you like.

2.You never have to think about a schedule

The nice thing about this, it is all done for you by your host on board.  They are there to help make your experience on board memorable, from knowing all the times for each days events, meals and shore excursions, to helping guide you in the right direction to something unique and special that you may want to see along the way.  So for yourself, you can be on vacation mode, and let someone else take care of all those other things.

3.You get to discover multiple places

One of the great things about a European River Cruise, is that you never have to worry about traffic, finding parking or missing your connection on a train.  Each of your destinations slowly meander towards you in the distance, as you cruise along the river where you can experience multiple countries on one trip, or take in one country more in-depth.  It is something that I find, once you have been on one cruise, you want to explore again, but possibly in once specific country or region, getting a little more cultural experiences along the way.

4.Great value for money

It is when you take into account all of the things that are included on your cruise, from your cabin, meals, amenities, host, crew and all of your shore excursion (which lots of cruises now include)… it tends to be great value for money.  Now there are some variables of course to this… the one biggest would be the style of cabin you choose.  Years ago, people would think that the European River Cruises would serve “Non-European” or “Non-Local” cuisine on board… those days tend to be over, and the ships are curating meals based on the cities and or regions which your are currently cruising through.  

5.Lots of free time on shore and also time on the ship

Each of the cruise companies, seem to have figured out the perfect mix of time on the ship and also the time you get to experience on shore.  It is nice, waking up, slowly coming into a new city, having a relaxed breakfast, then depending on the day, disembarking, meeting a local guide and exploring a place that you have always dreamed of… To me that’s what travel is truely about.  Well and maybe trying  some local food and drink along the way always helps too.

germany village
Bacharach, Germany

As you can see, European River Cruises can offer all different things to all different people… it is really all about choice and options of how you want to travel and explore.  If you find that you want a nice relaxed pace, almost everything included, and having your “hotel” follow you along the way… that’s where a River Cruise might just be for you.

Happy Cruising

Amsterdam Canal Cruise
Relax in Amsterdam on the canals

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